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About Us

Mundijong Veterinary Hospital has been transformed from a principles residents in the 1800's to a modern-day animal hospital. We are a dedicated practice who provide professional health care to small and large animals. To ensure your pet receives the best health care possible we have equipped the hospital with state of the art equipement. We have two highly qualified veterinary surgeons, Dr Bruce Moore and Dr Andrew Howard, who are friendly, compassionate and highly knowledgable. We also have three dedicated veterinary nurses, Corrina, Joanne and Jasmyn, who thrive on providing the best service and care to you and your pets. All our staff are well educated and constantly keep themselves up to date with changing technologies to ensure we can provide the highest level of care. We believe pets are apart of the family and deserve the same care we expect for ourselves.




Meet Our Staff

  1. Bruce Moore
    Dr Bruce Moore is a qualified veterinarian with over 30 years experience. He is a very compassionate vet and will give anything a second chance at life. Bruce has a special interest in reptiles and wildlife. Bruce has a big family of dogs, cats, birds and horses.
  2. Joanne Byrne
    Joanne is a qualified veterinary nurse orginally from the UK. Joanne is a caring and enthusiatic nurse who has a special interest in surgical emergencies and horses. She is a loving mother to 3 Griffons, a German Shepherd, 3 cats, a horse and chickens.
  3. Andrew Howard
    Dr Andrew Howard is a highly qualified veterinarian of 15 years. Andrew works with both small and large animals. He also has some experience with emergency care at Murdoch. Andrew has a special interest in reptiles, wildlife and native animals.
  4. Corrina Watts
    Corrina is an experienced veterinary nurse and wildlife carer of 20 years. She is a mother and friend to an endless number of cats, dogs, rabbits and birds. Corrina is a passionate and dedicated member of the team.
  5. Jasmyn Bates
    Jasmyn is a qualified veterinary nurse of 5 years. She is interested in dentistry, grooming, cat adoption and critical care. Jasmyn's passion lays with cats, cats and cats. She is a dedicated mother to a Shih tzu, Labradoodle, English pointer, 4 cats and an axolotl.
  6. Big Boy
    Big Boy is our resident assistance receptionist. Boy Boy helps nurses greet clients and their animals. He enjoys a cuddle and kiss form anyone giving them and is not afraid to show any dog who is boss.